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Hawan Samagri

Hawan Samagri

The Hawan Samagri, supplied by us, is prepared with the help of natural and pure raw materials. The array of Hawan Samagri offered by us is highly in demand in the market Hawan is a purifying ritual with a fire ceremony. It is not a simple ritual but an act of sacrifice and selfless contribution to the universe by the performers through this act. The Sanskrit word is Agnihotra or yagna which is commonly known as Havan in Hindu Vedic religion. A fire is ignited in a Havan-Kund (a pit made in earth or a conical pot made of gold, silver, copper or tin-according to the financial status and level of dedication or commitment of the person performing hawan).

In that fire pure ghee (butter oil) preferably made from cow's milk is used which has two functions - one to ablaze the fire and the other to convert the ghee into micro form for universal benefit and then purify the air

Havan Samagri (a mixture of various dried herbal medicines, roots and leaves) is offered in the ablaze fire which disseminates in micro form, in the air, to purify the environment besides activating the air as disinfectant germicidal agent.

In fact, Havan is performed as a personal ritual performed for the benefit of the society or the whole living beings.

The most important element or objective of Yagna (Havan) is to inculcate the habit or spirit of sacrificing and contributing for the benefit of all, rather than for self.

Once your offerings are poured into the fire, you lose all your control over those offerings since the ablazed fire transforms all the offerings converted into micro-form and distributes the benefit resultant products of those offered material to everyone around without any distinction or difference equal to all. That is Yagna -spirit of doing service to others.

By reciting Mantras and Shlokas (Hymns) the performer benefits to sing praise of the Almighty through oblations as submission to God and seek His blessings. Through these oblations the performers attempt to remind themselves that nothing belongs to them and their offerings of samagri containing aromatic, anti-pollutant, disinfectant nourishing and nutritive fruits after burning in microform should help all the living beings irrespective of class, specie, caste or size.

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